To implement the binkp/1.0 protocol pay attention to the following notes:

  1. The protocol shall be referenced to as binkp and not in any other way. You should also include the author name (Dima Maloff) of the binkp protocol in your copyright statement for the software.
  2. Binkp shall always be backwards compatible with it's previous versions. Binkp allows development of the new capabilities without compromising interoperability with previous versions. Therefore, it is important that future developments of the protocol are not pursued in different directions by different people. If you have any suggestions regarding future developments of the protocol, make a reasonable effort to contact the author(s), so that the development efforts can coordinated in a way advantageous for everybody.
  3. If your implementation is not compatible with the past, present or future binkp specifications, you shall reference to it as a "binkp variation" or "binkp derived".

Remember: you use binkp and all related texts "AS IS" without any warranties on the author side.

Binkp author is Dima Maloff.

This license text autor is Max Masyutin.

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Translated from Russian by Michael Dukelsky